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NEW Votary Lavender and Chamomile Soy Wax Candle

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‘I love preparing my space for sleep as I relax and wind down. Whether I am in the bath or pottering in my bedroom, I adore lighting one of our candles and letting the pure, calming botanical fragrance drift around me. It’s the perfect pre-sleep soother.’

Arabella Preston, Co-founder

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25 in stock

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‘My bedroom feels calmer and more tranquil as the candle cleanly and softly burns.’ – Arabella Preston, Votary Co-founder

A chic, natural soy wax candle infused with our bespoke botanical fragrance of lavender, rose and chamomile essential oils.

It brings elegance and tranquillity to your sleep sanctuary and adds its own special ambience to our beautiful Night series.

The perfect complement to Intense Antidote Bath and Body Oil, Intense Night Oil, Intense Eye Oil, and our Pillow Spray, the candle is luxuriously rich in pure plant oils to fragrance and calm.

The ritual:

Light each evening for a tranquil keynote in your preparation for bed.




pure eco soy way with natural fragrance. Lead free wick.


never leave the burning candle unattended, keep wick trimmed to 1cm, place on fireproof surface out of any drafts, keep out of the reach of children and away from clothes, curtains and flammable materials.


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