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New luscious, nutritious, Natural Lip Oil from Votary, because your lips often need some extra love and care!
Lips are the only part of our skin which don’t contain any oil glands, so they sometimes struggle to keep themselves plumped-up and hydrated. They are also super-vulnerable to external conditions.  Freezing, dry air during winter months, bitterly cold winds, and hot, centrally heated houses all take their toll. In the summer, hot sunshine can parch lips, as well as exposed, harsh environments like the beach. Your lips are always mobile too – smiling, talking, eating – and so it’s important to help keep them feeling soft and supple and to retain their elasticity and ease.
Too many lip balms on the market are made from petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients, or contain animal products like lanolin and beeswax. They can be overly-sticky, or just feel unpleasant on my mouth. I wanted to create beautiful, soothing lip care in keeping with our vegan, cruelty-free principles.

Pure plant oils are perfect at helping to keep your lips feeling comfortable and looking gorgeous, which is why I’m so thrilled with our new Natural Lip Oil. Plant oils are bio-compatible with our skin, and so a lip balm made from oils gives you intense hydration, purely and powerfully.

New Votary Natural Lip Oil

My focus in developing the new Votary lip oil was that it should be 100%  natural and good enough to eat. I believe that what we put on our body should be as pure and as healthy as what we put in our body. Votary Natural Lip Oil is crammed with ingredients that are nourishing, soothing and hydrating. African watermelon, passionflower, jojoba and sweet almond oil penetrate deep into the lip tissue, making your mouth feel super-soft and supple.

And, because it’s from Votary, it doesn’t just make your lips feel beautifully healthy, they look gorgeous too. Lips are  conditioned and plumped, and Green Mandarin oil helps give a lustrous, non-sticky shine. When layered over lipstick,  Votary Natural Lip Oil adds a lovely subtle sheen. The chic wand allows for easy applications through the day. For Team Votary, it’s become the ‘must-have’ item in our bags!

New Votary Natural Lip Oil
I’m delighted that our Original Hydration range now includes a way of looking after your lips too. Enjoy having the most gorgeous, plump lips ever!
Love, Arabella x
Read here to learn more about chapped lips.

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