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Transform your skin with Votary's plant-powered skincare

Jojoba (Simmonsia Chinensis)


Jojoba isn’t actually an oil, it’s a kind of wax. It’s extracted from the nut of the jojoba plant which grows in southern California, southern Arizona and northern Mexico. It’s fragrance-free and gentle, and rich in potent fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals. It contains wax esters which are bio-similar to the skin’s natural sebum. This means it can penetrate the skin’s mantle and work mechanically to really deep-clean your skin. It literally ‘grabs’ grime, SPF, excess sebum and make-up and lifts it all out. It also contains omega 6 and 9 which work to repair damaged skin cells, and to boost troubled areas which may require healing. Rich in Vitamin E, jojoba also helps your skin to fight oxidative stress caused by everyday exposure to pollutants.

Jojoba is a star ingredient in the three Votary  brilliant cleansing oils. I love the way it works to deep-clean and protect your skin. It’s the very best ingredient for deep-cleaning your skin without causing dryness or tightness. It has a really lovely slip on the skin, and helps to leave your face soft and hydrated after cleansing.

I have also used jojoba in our beautiful new vegan Natural Lip Oil.  There are no oil glands in your lips which is why they are the first part of your skin to feel dehydrated and sore. It’s why many lip balm  products contain lanolin or beeswax as a means of sealing in moisture. Jojoba does the same thing in a vegan way, which is why I’m so proud of our Natural Lip Oil.  The jojoba helps carry hydration deep into your lips and adds a layer of protection to lock it all in. Lips feel conditioned and plumped without tackiness, and soft and smooth throughout the day.


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