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Easy-peasy. Who wants complicated skin care routines when the mornings are sunshine-filled and the evenings are long and leisurely?

Our Votary 3 step routine has an easy simplicity and unfussiness to give you hydrated, healthy, glowing skin.

Our 1-2-3 daily routine  is fantastic for your skin and your mood. It’s a lovely moment of uplifting self-care, and each step brings its own special benefits.

Watch to see  how easy and speedy it can be.



And if you’d like a little re-cap:

Step 1: Cleansing
Summer means less foundation and more SPF which can be tricky to remove and can cause clogging and congestion.  All our facial cleansing oils are brilliant at whisking away SPF, along with every trace of the day, including grime, environmental toxins, and makeup. They thoroughly cleanse without stripping, and they respect and protect the skin’s mantle. Your skin feels beautifully clean, soft and supple, not stretched and tight.

Beautiful skin begins with properly clean skin, and here's the easy way how.


Step 2: Tone
Our Lemon and Neroli Toning Serum feels fresh, fresh, fresh! It contains a small amount of glycolic acid so is perfect for daily use to tone, renew and brighten. It’s boosted with  hyaluronic acid to plump and restore. Your skin feels super-smooth and looks radiant.


The perfect, easy way to gently exfoliate your skin

Step 3: Hydrate

Three to four drops of  any of our facial oils  will  nourish, calm and beautifully hydrate your skin. Made from 100% plant oils, they are absorbed quickly by your skin  for a gorgeous drench of moisture, leaving you with a lustrous glow.  They also prep the skin perfectly for make up.

An easy way to nourish and hydrate your skin

I LOVE beginning and ending the day  with the Votary 1-2-3 and hope you do too!

Love,  Arabella x

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