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Recharge Your Skin with Super Boost Night Drops

Posted 03/09/2019

New from Votary, an overnight treatment which recharges your sensitised skin and repairs damage while you sleep. Like everything in the Votary range, it’s made from pure plant oils and botanical actives. And, this is exciting step for us because it’s the first Votary formula I’ve  created which contains CBD oil (cannabidiol).

At Votary, we use only the very best ingredients to achieve the very best results for your skin, and the same applies to the CBD oil I’ve chosen. Some skin care brands use broad spectrum CBD, which is cheaper and less pure. I selected isolate CBD, which  is a more costly, pure extract. It’s separated out from the THC  (the hallucinogenic ingredient) and blended with hemp oil as a carrier. The result is a pure, potent plant oil which can be brilliantly restorative and skin normalising.

I designed fragrance-free Super Boost Night Drops for sensitive, delicate  skin. They address soreness, redness, fine lines, uneven texture and blemishes.  The CBD oil is a hero ingredient which works to improve skin condition. It reduces irritation and redness, and calms and soothes the skin’s mantle. For blemished skin, it reduces sebum production and diminishes breakouts. For mature skin, it restores elasticity and even tone.

I’ve also added Rosemary leaf extract to Super Boost Night Drops. It’s is a natural antimicrobial and free radical scavenger. It supports the skin’s healing processes and keeps everything super-clean. Golden kelp extract is also a new ingredient for Votary. I’ve used it to boost collagen production, tackle signs of sun damage like hyper-pigmentation, and to help with mature skin issues like skin plumpness and tone. Gorgeous Strawberry Seed Oil also packs a powerful punch. It’s high in ellagic acid, which helps to restore glow.

Super Boost Night Drops can be used in two ways, either to intensively re-boot your skin or for ongoing maintenance. Initially,  add 1-2 pumps undiluted direct to your skin after cleansing, After three to four weeks, add  2-3 drops to your facial oil or cream, combine together in your palms, and press gently into your face.

You will wake to super-soothed, super-smooth, super-soft skin which is even-toned, comfortable and gradually normalised.

I’m really proud of our Super Boost Night Drops. They are drops of pure goodness for your sensitive skin. Used as part of our cult Super Seed range, they can give you the comfortable, healthy, desensitised skin you’ve dreamed of. Available in a standard 30ml bottle,  a 10ml option in our minis range, and as part of our Seedlings collection, there’s a format perfect for you.

Love, Arabella x

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