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Super Seedlings for Sensitive Skin

Posted 20/09/2019

The Super Seed range is at the heart of Votary pure plant oil based skincare.

Made with the goodness of twenty two different seed oils, it’s made for skin which is sensitive, fragile, delicate or stressed and which needs coaxing back to life. It’s also fragrance free which is great for skin going through hormonal flux.

I’m thrilled to be launching Seedlings,  a curated collection of mini versions of the Super Seed range. It contains three cult favourites and a NEW addition called Super Boost Night drops. Perfect for trialling, sampling or gifting, they are little powerhouses of goodness.

Each precious Seedlings box contains:

Super Seed Cleansing Oil – Our most nourishing cleanser. Thicker and more nourishing  than our original cult cleanser, Super Seed Cleansing Oil works to soothe and deeply cleanse your skin. Packed with the goodness of chia, green tea, pumpkin, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry, and broccoli it’s simply the best, most gentle way to properly clean dry, sensitive, unsettled skin.

Super Seed Facial Oil – The most natural moisturiser. Loaded with pure botanical goodness to nourish, hydrate and calm your skin.

Super Boost Night Drops – NEW! – perfect for skin that is red, uneven, dry or sore. These little drops of goodness re-set and re-boot your skin overnight so you wake to a soft, calm, glowing complexion. Made with strawberry seed oil and 2% pure CBD (cannabidoil), it is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. It improves the way your skin looks and feels. Use as an intensive overnight treatment for sensitive and compromised skin. Simply add two pumps to skin after cleansing, or add 2-3 drops to your facial oil and massage in as usual.

Super Seed Nutrient Cream – If your skin needs wrapping in extra care and protection, add a layer of this. A carefully formulated source of protective support for fragile skin, it locks in hydration and goodness, and creates a smooth, matte barrier between your face and the world.

Now you can experience the Super Seed skincare range in a chic sampling size.

Feed your skin with pure goodness.

Love, Arabella x

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