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ReallyRee Votary review

One of our favourite beauty bloggers, ReallyRee recently reviewed Votary on her YouTube channel. In her Votary review she shares some of her favourite products including our award-winning Rose Geranium Cleansing Oil and Super Seed Facial Oil.

If you’ve tried our cleansing oils you’ll know why Ree loves them! They remove every last trace of make-up and SPF and they never sting when removing eye make-up. Each beautiful cleansing oil comes with a full size 100% cotton face cloth. The combination of natural plant oils and the gentle exfoliating action of the face cloth means your skin is left soft and glowing.

Ree’s favourite oil is Votary’s cult classic Super Seed Facial Oil. Made with 21 cold-pressed seed oils it nourishes, hydrates gives her skin a real glow. Ree also shared her tip for glowing, flawless make-up using Super Seed Facial Oil. It is Ree’s “absolute favourite… the most beautiful oil.”

When Ree’s skin is feeling red and reactive she finds the powerful peptides in Super Seed Serum help boost and support the skin’s microbiome and this wonderful cooling, lightweight serum calms her skin right down.

ReallyRee adores “super chic” Pillow Spray and loves adding Super Boost Night Drops to her night routine to “bring calmness, reduce inflammation and really, really soothe the skin.”

To watch the video click here.

Thank you for your product review Ree! x

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