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Oil Cleansing: A masterclass

Posted 01/11/2018

Oil cleansing: A masterclass for anyone who has ever wondered if it’s for them. (The answer is YES).

Everyone should try a Cleansing Oil. If you can’t imagine how oil cleansing can totally transform skin and give you glow, please read on for our definitive masterclass.

All Votary cleansing oils are brilliant at giving you beautifully clean, soft skin. They excel at whisking away every trace of make-up and SPF, and leave your skin thoroughly cleansed without feeling stretched and tight.

Votary Cleansing Oil and face cloth to oil cleanse your skin

The Votary cleansing ritual has an easy simplicity which is as calming and soothing as it is effective.

Step 1: Take your cleansing oil, and a clean Votary face cloth and towel.

Step 2: Put 4 to 5 pumps of Votary cleansing oil into the palm of your hand. Spread between your palms and then apply to your face.

Step 3: Start with your cheeks, then your nose, mouth and jawline and finally the area around your eyes.

Step 4: Splash your face with warm water and continue to massage the oil into your face and eyelashes.

A nourishing hydrating formula to oil cleanse your skin

Step 5: Now for the crucial part. Soak the face cloth in hand-hot water, wring it out, and place over your face. Breathe in and allow the steam to penetrate your pores.

Step 6: Gently wipe everything away. Repeat using the other side of the face cloth. To finish, splash your face with warm water and pat dry with your towel. Follow with a facial oil.

A masterclass in oil cleansing


The soothing Votary cleansing ritual with the 100% cotton face cloth helps the active ingredients in the plant oils to work and also gently exfoliates dull debris. The result is a fresh, glowing complexion – all you have to do is choose which cleansing oil suits your skin type best!

I hope you found this masterclass helpful. To learn more about how to choose the best cleansing oil for your skin, read here .

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Love, Arabella x