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Natural Lip Oil – Pure Hydration for Lips

Posted 16/07/2019

Votary Natural Lip Oil went out into the beauty world in May. It’s always a heartfelt moment when something team Votary have worked on for months is finally out there.

I love it when the reviews start coming in, and when we know everything we hoped for – that the beauty world would love it as much as we do – comes true.

Nutrition for lips

Natural Lip Oil has been our fastest-selling, best-selling launch ever.

Here’s the beauty buzz…

Is it a gloss? Is it a balm? It’s basically both…zingy and zesty, but also deeply nourishing (thanks to its almond oil base) and leaves a shiny not sticky finish. The ultimate spring/summer lip treat.’  Vogue

Glorious soothing lip care as it should be, all hail Votary.’  Get The Gloss

‘A chic alternative to glossy lips, this divine green mandarin and almond lip oil douses any dryness and leaves lips feeling plump, smooth and sheeny.’ The Telegraph

Votary’s first ever specialist lip product is a 100% natural lip oil that’s good enough to eat. It conditions and plumps the lips without being sticky or tacky, or catching your hair in it a la Lancôme Juicy Tubes circa 1997. It has a perfectly shaped wand applicator making for convenient touch-ups throughout the day.’ Caroline Hirons

‘Some balms merely sit on top of lips, but this almond and green mandarin combo deeply nourishes and is slim enough to slip into your back pocket for hourly top ups. I slather it on at night to keep my lips from getting dry.’   Stella

Chapped lips? No thank you. Swipe on Votary’s vegan Natural Lip Oil throughout the flight to keep lips soft and supple.’  Grazia

Containing almond and green mandarin oils, this hydrating natural lip oil product will allow you to bid adieu to a sore, cracked pout, while giving you a glossy finish you can wear with confidence.’ Harpers Bazaar

‘The Best Beauty Products to Buy NowThe Telegraph, Lifestyle

A delicious, non-sticky natural almond oil and mandarin oil/gloss hybrid that can be worn anytime but works beautifully during sleep too.’ Irish Times

Pick of the best new beauty products.’  Elle

All the look and feel of a gloss…it’s as natural and delicious (literally!) as it gets.’  Because

‘Conditions and plumps the lips and most importantly, it’s shiny but not sticky. Definitely one to keep on hand throughout the summer.’  A Little Bird

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. These reviews make me so happy, because when I started blending Votary Natural Lip Oil, I  wanted to create pure, nourishing hydration for lips, and a new beauty must-have which was 100% natural, vegan and cruelty- free.  Too many lip balms on the market are made from petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients, or contain animal products like lanolin and beeswax. They can be overly-sticky, or just feel (and taste!) unpleasant on your mouth. That’s why Votary pure plant oils are the perfect, natural ingredients to keep your lips both feeling comfortable and looking gorgeous.

And, it ‘s worth remembering why our lips need special care. They are the only part of our skin which doesn’t contain any oil glands, so they can struggle to stay plumped-up and hydrated. They’re also  super mobile – smiling, talking, eating – and so it’s important to keep them feeling soft and supple and to retain their elasticity and ease.

That’s why  our Natural Lip Oil is loaded with luxurious sweet almond oil, green mandarin, jojoba seed oil, passion flower seed oil, apricot kernel oil and watermelon seed oil. It drenches your lips in goodness and soft glossiness.  A quick swipe treats your lips to their most luxurious softness ever.

Love, Arabella.


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