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Can I wear facial oil under make-up?

Posted 04/02/2020

Can I wear facial  oil under make-up? The answer is a resounding YES.

Facial oil under make-up is one of  the best ways to prep your skin for foundation. Perfectly prepared skin is the key to a beautifully made-up face, and pure plant facial oils are brilliant at locking long-lasting hydration into your skin.  Rich, heavy, non-matte creams can sit on the surface of the skin and cause make-up to slide and look uneven. However, natural, pure plant oil is absorbed into the skin – hydrating as it goes –  so you are left with a perfect base upon which to apply foundation. It means make-up stays dewy and luminous rather than becoming visibly flaky and patchy.

Chase Aston and Sarah Brock are internationally renowned make-up artists. Here’s what they have to say about using Votary pure plant facial oil under make-up.

Here’s Chase:

‘Properly hydrated skin – which is how it feels after using Votary – anchors make-up to the complexion, ensuring that it feels weightless and looks natural and flawless and lasts all through the day. 

And here’s Sarah:

…Oils are fantastic as they ‘plump’ the skin’s texture. It’s  important to apply in a light layer and massage the skin for a few minutes, then allow it to absorb into the skin before you start with make-up application.

So that’s a very definite YES from them too.

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