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Can I use a facial oil instead of moisturiser?

Posted 11/02/2020

Can I use a facial oil instead of moisturiser? The answer is absolutely YES. You can use a facial oil instead of moisturiser.

Facial oils are fantastic at keeping your skin hydrated because they:

  • Are brilliant at maintaining and locking in hydration to your skin so that it feels replenished, softer and more supple.
  • Are bio-compatible with the natural oils in your skin and are easily and quickly absorbed to provide a flawless base.
  • Are more lightweight and less rich than thick creams which can sit on the skin’s surface.
  • Are great at giving gorgeous glow – skin looks radiant, dewy and healthy.

Facial oils are also really quick and easy to use for a no-fuss daily skincare routine.

You don’t need to use a lot. After cleansing, simply add three to four drops to your palms and massage into your skin. There’s no piling-up of product or uneven, clogged surface – skin is smooth, sheer and plumped up. The massage part is key – it helps your skin to look luminous and dewy. Allow a moment for absorption, and now your skin is perfectly prepped for make-up, SPF or sleep.

Whatever your age or skin type, there’s a Votary facial oil that’s perfect for you.

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