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Arabella’s Winter Sunday Self Care Spa

Posted 14/01/2020

Winter Sunday nights  are my absolute favourite time for showing my skin some love. Sunday afternoon has usually been spent on a big,  blowy beach walk, and Sunday evening has a lovely cosy feel. I adore treating my skin to some spa time followed a long leisurely bath with our Antidote Bath and Body Oil. Then, I sit fireside  with a good book or a box set.

My go-to routine is what I’ve replicated in our lovely Seedlings capsule collection, with the addition of our brilliantly-received new Super Seed Serum.

My Sunday night self-care spa starts with our Super Seed Cleansing Oil which is our most nourishing cleanser. Thicker than our original cult cleanser, I love the way it soothes and deeply cleanses my skin. It’s crammed with the goodness of chia, green tea, pumpkin, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry, and broccoli. I find it the best, most gentle way to properly clean my skin when it’s in need of some extra loving.

After this comes our new Super Seed Serum. It tackles all the issues sensitive skin faces. I love it because it’s a powerhouse of nourishing goodness. Packed with powerful peptides, it helps to boost and support my skin’s natural defences. The formula includes camosine and sacha inchi peptides to  minimise fine lines and improve elasticity, broccoli seed oil which helps increase lipid levels for  a smoother, fuller skin tone and grape seed extract to protect against free radicals. My skin drinks it in. It’s easy to use too. I simply take one pump and press it gently into my face.  I follow it with our Super Seed Facial Oil. Loaded with pure botanical power, I can feel it nourishing and restoring my beach-blown skin.

If I’m tired because the week has been busy or the weekend has meant late nights, I add some Super Boost Night Drops to my facial oil because I know they will help fix any redness, soreness or unevenness that shows in my skin when I haven’t slept enough. I love the way these little drops of natural goodness re-set and re-boot my skin overnight. I wake on Monday morning to a soft, calm, glowing complexion. Made with strawberry seed oil and 2% pure CBD (cannabidoil), it’s anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. It really improves the way my skin looks and feels. Sometimes, if my skin is feeling particularly compromised, I use it as an intensive overnight treatment. On most Sunday evenings, I simply add 2-3 drops to my Super Seed Facial Oil and massage in as usual.

I finish my gorgeous self-care spa with a dab of  our Super Seed Nutrient Cream. It literally feels as if i’m wrapping my skin in a layer of extra cossetting care and protection. I can feel it locking in all the hydration and goodness, and preparing my skin for whatever the wintry weather might be.

Precious time spent on your skin is never time wasted. Keeping your skin happy, healthy and hydrated – especially in the dark, cold days of winter – is always a good idea. I love my winter Sunday evening self care spas. It sets my skin up to glow through the week.

Love, Arabella x

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