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We would never be without our Blemish Rescue Oil. It’s brilliant for the occasional break-out and for skin that is more consistently troubled.

We’re thrilled that AskMen agree with us. In their Best Face Serums and Oils 2018 awards, it won the category for Acne Prone Skin. It’s such a hero product with a triple whammy hit of anti-inflammatory, dissolving, and speedy healing power. As AskMen note, it ‘treats blemishes with a natural anti-inflammatory concentrate of salicylic acid and soothing tamanu oil. Specifically developed to improve recovery time, it penetrates pores to dissolve dead skin cells.’

This is the second award this year for our Blemish Rescue Oil, having won Bazaar’s Best of the Best.

It’s a must-have, non gender specific product for anyone who wants to make a spot disappear…

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