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Why Make-Up Artists Love Votary: First in the Series – An Interview with Chase Aston

When I first began formulating Votary, my background as a make up artist made me very aware of how important it was for it to work brilliantly as the perfect prep for cosmetics. That’s why I’m always so thrilled when I  learn that fabulous, renowned MUAs consider Votary to be an essential part of their kit. In the first of…

Using Natural Plant Oils to Look After Your Skin During the Menopause

Using natural plant oils to look after your skin during the menopause. All women go through it. After  decades of dealing with the fertility, periods, and monthly skin turbulence, the menopause brings with it some potent dramas of its own. Until now, the menopause hasn’t really been talked about. It was something women were supposed to go through with stoicism…

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