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Skincare during Pregnancy

Pregnancy means trying to take the best possible care of yourself and your unborn child.  It makes you think a little harder about everything you put in, and on, your body, and brings with it a desire to minimise environmental toxins that may be sub-optimal for your baby. Pregnancy also brings with it morning sickness, extreme hormonal flux, acne, pigmentation and tiredness.…

Sharing the Love

I couldn’t be more passionate about the power of Votary natural plant facial oils to transform skin. However, you don’t have to take just my word for it. Here are some testimonials from some fabulous Votarists whose words are as glowing as their skin. The thing I love most about being the co-founder of  an independent skin care brand is…

Hello Votary Chinese Fans!

VOTARY沃特丽的中国粉丝,大家好! As part of our vegan, cruelty free beauty stance  we can never sell Votary in China because all imported products are tested on animals. However, we want to share the Votary love with Chinese skincare fans. We have a beautiful new Chinese name –  沃特丽-   – which means rich, special beauty, and we’re delighted to be launching on weibo  –…

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