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Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream: fragrance-free winter layers for your skin

Super Seed Nutrient Cream is here! When we launched our fragrance free, nourishing Super Seed Facial Oil, we were thrilled by how many people told us it had soothed, calmed and transformed their dry, red, or sensitive skin.   One of the benefits of being a small, independent company is we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs. When some…

Get the Gloss, January 2018.

We’re over the moon with the glossy posse’s fabulous review for our wonderful new Super Seed Nutrient Cream. ‘Quite frankly it’s bloody brilliant’ is what they conclude (We’ll take that!). Here’s the detail….. ‘Designed to work in tandem with your facial provides deep hydration and nourishment to your skin barrier. It works to restore vitality to your skin. Lightweight,…

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