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Votary launches Super Seed Nutritional Supplement at The Arts Club

Votary Super Seed Nutritional Supplement launches. On a beautifully crisp January morning, Votary assembled a room of gorgeous ladies at The Arts Club in London, to officially launch the Super Seed Nutritional Supplement and celebrate their first birthday. With green foliage blooms designed by Wild At Heart at Liberty, a sprig of fragrant eucalyptus placed on the gift boxes, and a Super…

Votary Clarifying oils – why natural plant oils are best for blemishes

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are truly passionate about the ability of natural plant oils to prevent and recover blemishes, which is why we are very excited to share our the new Votary Clarifying oils with you. When you stop drying your skin out and starting feeding it with natural oils that don’t clog pores, your skin will be…

Votary Super Seed Nutritional Supplement – Moisturise your skin from within

Votary Super Seed Nutritional Supplement has launched! I believe that Votary natural plant oils are the best moisturiser for your skin. And that the right plant oils can also improve your skin from the inside out. So it makes perfect sense for Votary to launch a Super Seed Nutritional Supplement, the perfect companion to your Votary skincare routine. It’s a blend…

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