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So Chic Green Glass

What is it about green glass? One of the earliest and easiest decisions we made at VOTARY was to use the green glass bottles. The green colour acts as a natural preservative, but honestly I just loved the colour and how fabulous they looked lined up against the white tiles in my bathroom. There is something so chic about the…

Neroli: A Love Affair

The VOTARY Smooth Your Skin Neroli & Myrrh Facial Oil was by far the hardest for me to get right. I think this is probably because it is the scent that I love most and am inescapably emotionally attached to. Before we became a virtually aftershave and perfume free household, pretty much the only aftershave I could tolerate my husband…

Mallorcan Dreams

Nature is a constant source of inspiration. The orange groves around my house in Mallorca are heady with the scent of neroli. It is the fragrance of warm spring days. The beautiful white flowers from the orange tree are the source of the neroli essential oil we have blended into the VOTARY Neroli and Myrrh Facial Oil. The fragrance always…

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