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Votary – A skin therapist’s story
Votary Cleansing Oil
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Votary – A skin therapist’s story.

“It’s 5.30 am on a December morning and my ten month old is singing out the good news that that day for him has definitely started. And I’m definitely to be a part of it. I definitely don’t want the three year old being woken so I drag myself up quickly and head in to start battle. Passing my mirror, I glance at it expecting to be greeted my the baggy dehydrated skin that slumps down from the orbital bones – crépey and dark. I also expect to recoil in the usual horror of uneven, wintry skin tone of a mother, who hasn’t slept through a night for a good year. But I stop still in front of the mirror and actually reach for the switch to allow myself a closer look in a less forgiving light. And I am utterly amazed at what I see. Yes, I see the sheet creases branded against my face but no baggy skin, an even almost glowing skin tone (I won’t go OVERBOARD, it’s still 5.30 am a nearly-forty year old) and my skin holding faithfully to the bones it is supposed to bond with. Time stops for a second as I feel it and turn my head to different angles. Something happens that I haven’t done for months: I do the jig of joy. My skin is awesome.
I have been a skin therapist for over ten years and one of the million reasons why I have the best job in the world is that I get to play around with new products, new ingredients, new machines, new fads…you name it. On a blistering hot day back in the summer a stunningly packaged box of Votary skin oils from Votary London arrived in my life. I was just finishing up with experimenting with another line ( I’m a huge believer in committing to a range for at least three months before making a decision about how the skin responds. There are a number of reasons for this but that’s for another time). I studied the oils and their beautifully simple ingredient lists. Well, I thought as I took the cleansing oil and pure cotton cloth from its packaging, you’ve got your work cut out Votary.
You’ve got my age and my sleep deprivation to deal with but also, you’ve got the change of season from autumn to winter to contend with too. The harshest climactic change of the year for skin. Votary and I got to work.
I cleansed diligently morning and night with the super seed cleansing oil, marvelling at how gentle it felt but how every last smatter of make up and debris clung to the prescribed cloth. My skin felt like silk with absolutely no tightness or dryness. I followed with the stunning moisturising oils, alternating them depending on what I needed extra help with. The absolute hero for me, the one that I salute as I click off the bathroom light is Heal Your Skin oil. Such a brilliant trilogy of Rose, Maroc and Sandalwood, which do just as the name would suggest and work synergistically to bring out the best in one another.
I could write for hours but I won’t because it’s 5.25am the following day and I’m snatching this window before the dawn chorus starts again. I am utterly thrilled with this incredible luxe skin care line. The results just speak for themselves and given the conditions that the ingredients have been up against – wow. I cannot wait to get Votary London into my clinic and get busy sharing the genius. And as I look at the new cleanser just waiting to go, I think it might for the first time be the bottle I’m most looking forward to crack open this Christmas.”

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