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Votary Beauty Sleep

Votary Beauty Sleep

Votary Beauty Sleep – Sleep your way to beautiful skin

A good night’s sleep is crucial to your skin’s health and vitality. Our beauty sleep duo can help you sleep better. So you wake up fresh-faced with gorgeously glowing, healthy skin.

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Pillow Spray

If you have noticed an increase in ‘sleep creases’ as time has gone on, you may need to switch to a silk pillow case. Silk won’t pull or stretch the skin in the way cotton or linen does, instead it cocoons your face and promotes irritation-free overnight recovery for your skin. It’s a simple, traditional trick my grandmother taught me and I couldn’t love it more.

The ambience of your bedroom also plays a crucial role. Try to put away screens before bed and pick up a good book. Spray our pillow spray on your pillowcase just before bed to bring peace and tranquility to your bedroom.

Filmed and directed by Daniel Ward

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