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Oil Cleansing Method: Quick and easy tutorial

Oil Cleansing Method: Quick and easy tutorial

The oil cleansing method is the quickest, easiest way to clean, plumped, glowing skin. It dissolves eye make-up easily and without stinging your eyes. Your skin will be soft and hydrated and really, really clean!

Votary cleansing oil contains 100% natural plant oils. Absolutely no preservatives, stabilisers, mineral oils or emulsifiers have been added. It is the most natural way to cleanse your skin.

Most skin problems are caused by dry and dehydrated skin. Using a natural oil to cleanse is the first step in combatting dry, sensitive and problem skin.

The oil cleanse method:

1. Take 4-5 pumps of cleansing oil in the palm of your hand (2-3 pumps if not removing make-up)
2. Massage into skin
3. Gently rub cleansing oil into eye make-up
4. Take a clean face cloth (included with Votary cleansing oil), wring out in warm water.
5. Apply whole face cloth to face and allow the steam to penetrate
6. Start to rub make-up and dirt away
7. Ring face cloth out and repeat.
8. Splash face with water and pat dry.

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