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A huge thank you to Sarah Jossel, one of the UK’s most respected Beauty Directors, for trialling our facial cleansing oil for two months and then sharing how it has transformed her skin.

In her Beauty Boss review, she says:

“If I use oils on my blemish-prone skin, will it make me the queen of zits?

Face oil? Cleansing oil? Me? Never! Growing up, I avoided the stuff like the plague, and I imagined that even looking at oil would make my spots flare up. I had been conditioned to believe that the only way to sort out my blemish-prone skin was to dry it out and bulldoze the surface with any exfoliator, toner or acid I could find.

This all changed recently when I met up with Arabella Preston, the co-founder of Votary skincare. Somehow, she persuaded me to ditch the harsh, drying cleansers for a cleansing oil — and two months later my skin is so much better.

I realise this is going to sound hyperbolic, but for the first time in my life my pesky, under-the-skin bumps are hardly there, the scarring around my jawline has faded a little (it still has a way to go), and I know what it feels like to have a smooth canvas for make-up. What’s more, my skin is bouncier and more radiant, and my foundation no longer turns chalky by lunchtime.

How does it work? It’s all very low-maintenance. Every evening I put a couple of pumps into wet hands and massage it into my skin. Then, using a flannel (the flannel is key as it gently exfoliates), I remove the oil and pat my face dry. Side note: it does a jolly good job at taking off eye make-up, too.

I need to flag up that oil is not for everyone, so I suggest you start cautiously. Check out Votary’s Clarifying range (from £35, available from the first week of October), designed for blemish-prone skin. It contains oat oil, which  Arabella says is great for inflammation as it has high levels of antioxidants and vitamin E.  

I’m not the only one who is passionate about using oils on spotty skin. I recently posted a picture on my Instagram and received a flurry of responses from people who, like me, have had positive experiences.”

We’ll never tire of preaching that even though it seems counter-intuitive, cleansing with a facial oil can be a total transformative game-changer for troubled, blemished skin. We’re thrilled Sarah Jossel agrees!


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