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The beauty of natural oils
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My love of 100% natural plant oils is boundless, and I know our customers love the fact that our facial oils contain no artificial preservatives, stabilisers or mineral oils. When I first decided to make Votary more than an at-home apothecary, I was adamant that the small batch and hand-blending philosophy I used at home wouldn’t change. We were incredible lucky to find a small family-run natural oils business who share our vision and make all our products here in the UK.

When natural plant oils are left alone, and don’t have any unnecessary chemicals added to them, they are incredibly stable. Our green glass bottles also help with preservation – a neat and natural trick!

Because all our oils are natural, our products sometimes vary in colour and consistency with each new batch that we make. For example, some of our eagle-eyed customers may have spotted that their latest bottle of Super Seed is a bit different to the first bottle they purchased. Our second batch is a bit darker than the first, simply because the cold pressed strawberry seed oil was a darker colour than in our first production run. To me this natural variation is beautiful part of what Votary is.

Our oils don’t contain any unnecessary nasties, so there will always be slight variations between batches. The ingredients and quality are the same, and it does the same wonderful things for your skin, it just looks a bit different!

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